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Emission control system equipment design, development, and manufacturing for a broad range of industries.

About Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) is an emission control system technology company developing and manufacturing products that help remove harmful substances and noise from process exhaust. Our products range from systems to control emissions from large manufacturers and power generating operations to small catalysts that control emissions from household appliances and most every application in-between. Catalytic Combustion Corporation makes your process possible.

Industries Served

Utility & Prime Power
Marine & Rail
Gas Compression
Consumer Appliances
Commercial Kitchen / Cooking
Off-Highway Engine Exhaust
Custom Development


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Catalyst Emissions

Catalyst 101 EBook

Gain a significant amount of knowledge about Catalysts and Emission Control Systems in this unique 24-part series by Catalytic Combustion Corporation.

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Our customer is our employer. Our job at CCC is to deliver quality products on time with a commitment to always exceed customers’ expectations. We accomplish this by investing in and developing our employees’ abilities, by focusing on providing our customers premier and uniquely professional services, and by continually improving our quality management systems.

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