Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC), a leader in emission control technology for the power generation industry, announced today they were awarded a contract for Tier IV emissions packages consisting of approximately 5MW of emergency stand-by power. These diesel engines will provide clean, reliable back-up power for a major public university located in the Southeast US near the Gulf of Mexico. This project will provide Tier IV diesel engines with a dual fuel system while simultaneously meeting regulated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions for both diesel and natural gas. This technology allows a conventional diesel engine to run natural gas as its primary fuel without modifying the engine or the current diesel fuel system. The results are lower fuel costs, lower emissions, and increased runtime. The emissions technologies will reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) and particulate matter (PM) to EPA’s Tier IV emission requirements. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system has an integrated hospital-grade silencer in the same technology housing as the emissions catalyst. The Dual Fuel SILENT NOx™ SCR system is being manufactured at CCC’s Bloomer, Wisconsin headquarters and will be delivered before the end of 2019.

The contract includes stack testing for state’s department of environmental protection emissions compliance, engineering, analysis, installation support, start-up of the complete compact SCR systems including urea storage tanks and air compressors. The SCRs will be installed on the roof of a new building which is located in the middle of the campus. Because of this central location, the University is requiring ultra clean emissions and significant noise abatement from the engines to protect students, faculty, and the public. The area is prone to hurricanes which can cause lengthy power outages, making the power generation unit a mission critical backup source of electricity for the University.

“This is a unique project featuring a dual fueled engine, and our experienced engineering team developed a reliable, cost-effective solution that will provide the necessary results. We have over 65 years of cumulative experience with diesel and natural gas SCR systems from 300kW to 5MW. Our team brings exceptional project management capabilities to support the demands of this extremely challenging project,” said Mark Ruff, President & CEO of Catalytic Combustion Corporation.

“Helping customers solve complex air quality regulations and harmful noise pollution is an important part of what CCC does on a daily basis,” said Randy Sadler, Vice-President of Power Generation for their Power Emissions Group. He added, “But we still get excited when we have the opportunity to work with new or unique applications such as this one.”