Catalytic Combustion Corporation is excited to share this local news story about our involvement with a collaborative effort to produce hand sanitizer locally. See the full news story here:

There is no denying that the COVID-19 situation is a crisis affecting our entire country in 2020. Catalytic Combustion Corporation is proud to be part of a positive example of a community coming together.

When the crisis first became apparent, the Catalytic Combustion Corporation management team was compelled to look at how they could help make a positive impact for the entire community beyond keeping their essential operations going and protecting the health and safety of their own team.

CCC is a chemical coater for catalyst technologies. The team of skilled workers at CCC includes individuals with extensive knowledge in science and chemistry, and namely John Robinson, Jr. the Vice President of the Catalyst division. John spearheaded efforts to research the process for manufacturing hand sanitizer based upon World Health Organization specifications. In doing so, owner Mark Ruff connected with a client of CCC’s, Chippewa River Distillery and helped foster an area-wide collaboration which blossomed from there. Other area companies had stepped up to participate in the cooperative effort including Silver Spring Foods, Great Northern Corporation, Rooney Grains, and Leinenkugel Brewing Company, to name a few. Creating locally manufactured hand sanitizer has been a true community collaboration of many businesses and individuals:

  • Chippewa River Distillery was the logical choice to manufacture the hand sanitizer as their ordinary manufacturing process includes distilling, bottling, and distribution.
  • Catalytic Combustion Corp. chemists worked with Chippewa River Distillery to source some of the necessary materials from chemical suppliers that may not have otherwise been available.
  • Silver Spring Foods has provided 12 oz. bottles.
  • Great Northern Corporation has provided the cases for packaging.
  • Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company provided 5,000 gallons of Summer Shandy beer for the initial batch of sanitizer.
  • Rooney Grain, a family-owned company that grows corn, soybeans, and grain leveraged their relationships in the ethanol industry to source food-grade ethanol which would greatly accelerate the manufacturing process.

Volunteers have been assisting with packaging and labeling of the hand sanitizer. Sanitizer is being donated to healthcare workers, first responders, EMTs, and other critical frontline operations. Bottles of the sanitizer will be available for sale at the Chippewa River Distillery during their open hours. Follow Chippewa River Distillery and Brewster Bro. Brewing Co. on Facebook or Instagram for the latest announcements.

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