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Amine Stripper Off Gas Oxidizer

Amine Stripper Off Gas Oxidizer

Reduce methane and VOC emissions, control odors and be a good neighbor.

Contact Catalytic Combustion Corporation today for a quotation on a suitable Amine Stripper Off Gas Oxidizer for reducing methane, VOC’s and odoriferous compounds from your gas processing operations.

Upon receipt of your process conditions, which will include the off gas flow rate and composition as well as your required destruction efficiency, CCC will evaluate the conditions and recommend the preferred oxidizer equipment to best suit your application.  The recommendation will consider a balance of capital cost and operating cost. In general the preferred selection may be a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for off gas flow rates of 2000 SCFM and higher and a Thermal Oxidizer for smaller flow rates. 

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