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Enclosed Flare Systems

Enclosed Flare Systems

The CCC Enclosed Flare can be used for many applications that include:




Cost Effective

The CCC Enclosed Flare provides a very cost effective solution for the smokeless invisible flaring of many combustible process vapors.  This provides proper disposal of steady state process flows, batch processes, intermittent operations and the safe disposal of emergency vents.  The CCC Enclosed Flare is both low capital cost and low operating cost.

High Destruction Efficiency

The CCC Enclosed Flame is typically designed for a minimum 98% destruction efficiency.  The operating temperature and residence time can be selected to provide the needed destruction efficiency to meet your project requirements.

No Visible Flame

The CCC Enclosed Flare has a cylindrical carbon steel shell with an internal ceramic fiber refractory lining.  All of the combustion takes place within the combustion chamber and there is no visible flame from the flaring operation.

Numerous Applications

Outstanding Service Support

CCC has an outstanding field support team and 24 hour telephone support.

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