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Flame-Ox® (3-in-1)

Flame-Ox® (3-in-1)

The unique Flame-Ox® (3-in-1) oxidizer system was designed to clean up severely contaminated sites.

The Flame-Ox® can safely process significantly higher concentrations (up to 100,000 ppm or more) and is a great match for a rapid response situation or accelerating the cleanup schedule by eliminating a need to balance process flow with dilution air.

The Flame-Ox® can directly accept the higher concentrations and the control system adjusts to changing conditions.

An abatement system able to cover full project life cycles

The 3-in-1 operation allows the Flame-Ox® to perform initially in the Flame mode under high concentrations and then convert to a traditional thermal oxidizer mode once concentrations fall to less than 40% of the LEL. As the concentrations at the site decline further, the system can then be converted to the catalytic mode. This allows one abatement system to be used for the full life cycle of the remediation project.

Technical Specifications

Flame-Ox® Strengths

  • Rapid Response
  • Pipeline Projects

Flame-Ox® Options

  • 3-in-1 Up to 100,000 ppm or more
  • Flame mode
  • Thermal mode
  • Catalytic mode
  • Purchase or Rental

Flame-Ox® Oxidizer Services

  • Flame-Ox® Inspections
  • Flame-Ox® Repairs
  • Flame-Ox® Maintenance

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