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HD-CAT (Chlorinated)

HD-CAT (Chlorinated)

The HD-Cat is the answer when it comes to chlorinated and fluorinated clean-ups. No need to transport hazardous materials such as soil or carbon off-site for disposal. The HD-Cat converts the hazardous materials into carbon dioxide, water vapor and salt water.

Chlorinated / Fluorinated Catalytic or Thermal Oxidizer

Catalytic Combustion designs, fabricates and assembles the entire system including the scrubber package to insure project integration and single point responsibility. The system can be integrated with a Zeolite concentrator wheel for high volume/low concentration process air streams which then allows the oxidizer package to be significantly smaller.

The oxidizer system can be designed for catalytic operation or for thermal operation which can then be converted to catalytic at a future time.

Technical Specifications


  • Oxidizer and Scrubber
  • Single Point Responsibility

HD-Cat Aftermarket Services

Keep your HD-Cat system running at its best with regular oxidizer maintenance and inspections from Catalytic Combustion's oxidizer service department. Plus, our 24-7 oxidizer maintenance department can help you troubleshoot and resolve issues so you avoid downtime.

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