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Flame-Ox Model 2

Flame-Ox Model 2

Catalytic Combustion has a number of Flame-Ox Model 2 oxidizers available in the rental fleet. Typical specifications are given below. The Flame-Ox design is used where high VOC levels are above what can be safely processed by a traditional thermal oxidizer. A common application is groundwater cleanup at remediation sites such as gasoline spills. Trailer mounted rentals are available.


Oxidizer Process Design Flow Rate: 450 scfm
Oxidizer Process Minimum Flow Rate: 200 scfm
Oxidizer Tertiary Air Design Flow Rate: 1250 scfm
Oxidizer Maximum Inlet Temperature: 180°F
Oxidizer Normal Operating Temperature:                                              
Oxidizer High Temperature Alarm: 1850°F
Oxidizer Design Destruction Efficiency: 99% TPH
Oxidizer Design Maximum VOC Load: 237 lbs/hr as BTEX
Oxidizer Warmup Time (estimated): 20 minutes from cold start
Oxidizer Skid Dimensions: 8'x22'5"
Oxidizer Weight Estimate: 8,000 lbs


Utility Requirements

Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Fuel Requirement (maximum load, during warmup):                             
1.5 MMBTU/hr at 3-5 psig
Fuel Requirement, Flame Mode: 50,000 BTU/hr*
Power Requirements: 480/3/60, 18.6 FLA†


*Note: Estimated fuel usage during Flame Mode is based on an incoming VOC load of 10,000 ppmv or greater.

Note: Other voltages are available. Contact CCC for details

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