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Rentals: SRCO 300E

Rentals: SRCO 300E

This Catalytic Oxidizer includes a removable catalyst module, a stainless steel heat exchanger (shell and tube type), an oxidizer fan, and an Allen Bradley PLC control system. All air heating is done by electric coil heaters so no natural gas or propane fuel is needed.


Oxidizer Design Flow Rate: 300scfm
Oxidizer Minimum Flow Rate: 100 scfm
Oxidizer Normal Operating Temperature: 650°F
Oxidizer Outlet High Temperature Alarm: 1200°F
Oxidizer Design Heat Exchange Effectiveness:                             
Nominal 50%
Oxidizer Design Destruction Efficiency: 99% TPH
Oxidizer Design Maximum VOC Load: 20% of LEL
Oxidizer Skid Dimensions: 4.5'x8.5'
Oxidizer Installed Weight Estimate: 2,800 lbs


Utility Requirements

Power Requirements:                                                                     
230/3/60, 82 FLA†


Note: Other voltages are available. Contact CCC for details

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