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Rentals: SRCO 500G HD

Rentals: SRCO 500G HD

This catalytic oxidizer is designed to treat chlorinated hydrocarbons with specially formulated catalyst. An integral heat exchanger is built into the oxidizer for higher energy efficiency.

Caution: Oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons will result in the formation of HCl. A wet gas scrubber is typically required in addition to the oxidizer in order to handle the acid gas.


Oxidizer Design Flow Rate: 500 scfm
Oxidizer Minimum Flow Rate: 200 scfm
Oxidizer Normal Operating Temperature: 890°F
Catalyst Outlet High Temperature Alarm: 950°F
Oxidizer Design Heat Exchange Effectiveness: Nominal 50%
Oxidizer Design Destruction Efficiency: 98-99% TPH non-speciated
Oxidizer Design Maximum VOC Load: 20 lbs/hr as PCE
Oxidizer Skid Dimensions: 5'x8'
Oxidizer Installed Weight Estimate: 3,600 lbs


Utility Requirements

Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Fuel Requirement (maximum load):              0.5 MMBTU/hr at 3-5 psig
Power Requirements: 230/3/60, 40 FLA†

Note: Other voltages are available. Contact CCC for details

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