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Rentals: VGTO 1000

Rentals: VGTO 1000

The VGTO is a vertical gas-fired thermal oxidizer. This rental unit is a direct thermal oxidizer with no energy recovery. Process air enters the oxidizer combustion chamber and is heated to the oxidation temperature. The combustion chamber is sized for sufficient residence time for VOC destruction efficiencies up to 99%.


Oxidizer Design Flow Rate: 1000 scfm
Oxidizer Minimum Flow Rate: 300 scfm
Oxidizer Maximum Inlet Temperature: 180°F
Oxidizer Normal Operating Temperature: 1400°F
Oxidizer High Temperature Alarm: 1800°F
Oxidizer Design Destruction Efficiency: 99% TPH
Oxidizer Design Maximum VOC Load: 50% of LEL
Oxidizer Warmup Time (estimated): 15 minutes from cold start
Oxidizer Skid Dimensions: 7.5'x9'
Oxidizer Installed Weight Estimate: 5,000 lbs


Utility Requirements

Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Fuel Requirement (maximum load):         
2.0 MMBTU/hr at 3-5 psig
Power Requirements: 460/3/60, 11 FLA†


Note: Other voltages are available. Contact CCC for details

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