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SRCO Gas Fired Catalytic Oxidizers

SRCO Gas Fired Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic Combustion Corporation’s high efficiency Self Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer is the top of the line in remediation oxidizers for the treatment of gasoline contaminated air streams. The high efficiency heat exchanger provides low operating costs.

The system features stainless steel construction, state of the art temperature control and either relay based or PLC operation.

The quality of the system provides highly reliable operation with a high on stream factor and provides long life- with systems in operation for up to 20 years.

The systems are available in standard designs from 250- 1,500 SCFM with larger size systems available upon request. Allowable concentration levels are typically up to 2500 ppm.

This gas fired unit can be fueled with either natural gas or propane. Special catalysts are also available to treat chlorinated/fluorinated compounds (see HD-CAT).

It is possible to equip this system with a secondary air to water heat exchanger to preheat groundwater containing MTBE or TBA to enhance the treatment separation and optimize the total treatment package.

  • Natural gas or propane fueled catalytic oxidation
  • Flame scanner burner management systems
  • Top of the line, quality equipment package
  • Easy to operate
  • High up-time factor
  • Economical to operate with high efficiency heat exchanger
  • High Destruction Efficient Catalytic Oxidizer
  • UL 508 certified
  • Rent or buy

Technical Specifications

SRCO Gas Options

Vacuum Extraction

The system can be manufactured with an integrated vacuum extraction system or can be coupled to an existing or independent system.

Remote Monitoring

All of the Catalytic Combustion oxidizer control panels can be equipped with communication packages for remote monitoring.

Purchase or Rental

These equipment packages are available for purchase or rental.

Aftermarket Oxidizer Services

Once your SRCO gas catalytic oxidizer system is in place, keep everything running smoothly and efficiently with our aftermarket oxidizer services. Our oxidizer services include:

  • Oxidizer Inspections & Analysis
  • Oxidizer Maintenance
  • Oxidizer Repairs
  • Oxidizer Upgrades

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