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Vertical Gas Thermal Oxidizer

Vertical Gas Thermal Oxidizer (VGTO)

The Vertical Gas Thermal Oxidizer offers the flexibility of a thermal oxidizer (capability to handle higher hydrocarbon concentrations) with the option to be converted to catalytic mode in the field at any time.

Standard thermal oxidizer system packages are available from 250-1500 SCFM and can be operated on natural gas or propane. Allowable concentration levels are typically up to 5000 ppm.

The standard package is equipped with a burner that uses the process air for combustion air. An option is available to add a dedicated combustion air blower if the oxygen concentration of the process air may be less than 19%.

The optional catalyst module can be quickly inserted in the field with only using minimal equipment.

Applications of thermal oxidizers include environmental remediation projects, amine treater off gas, condensate storage tank, and tank battery vent gases.

Technical Specifications

Vacuum Extraction

The system can be manufactured with an integrated vacuum extraction system or can be coupled to an existing or independent system.

Remote Monitoring

All of the Catalytic Combustion oxidizer control panels can be equipped with communication packages for remote monitoring.

Purchase or Rental

These equipment packages are available for purchase or rental.

Oxidizer Services

Once your thermal oxidizer system is in place, keep everything running smoothly and efficiently with our aftermarket oxidizer services. Our oxidizer services include:

  • Oxidizer Inspections & Analysis
  • Oxidizer Maintenance
  • Oxidizer Repairs
  • Oxidizer Upgrades

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