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Oxidizer System Retrofit and Upgrades

Oxidizer System Retrofit and Upgrades

Catalytic Combustion offers comprehensive oxidizer services from engineering to installation, after sales support and air pollution control equipment reconditioning.

  • Turn key relocation of existing systems
  • Retrofits and equipment rebuilds
  • New control packages or control modifications to increase system reliability
  • Media additions or oxidizer replacement services
  • Catalyst evaluations, cleaning, repair, and replacement
  • Ductwork installations
  • Modifications to increase VOC capture and destruction efficiency to meet permit compliance
  • Modifications to increase total air flow capacity
  • RTO ceramic media replacement and upgrades to improve heat efficiency, to lower pressure drop and to reduce operating cost
  • RTO diverting valves rebuilt or replacement to reduce leakage and to improve reliability
  • RTO insulation repairs to eliminate hot spots
  • RTO ceramic media support structures repair or upgrades
  • RTO bake out-function modification
  • RTO natural gas injection to minimize NOx production and to maximize fuel efficiency
  • Burner and burner controls upgrade to improve performance and reliability
  • Programmable controllers (PLC's) and operator interface upgrades

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