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Consumer Products and Appliances

Consumer Products and Appliances

Catalysts to control emissions from consumer appliances or to produce heat from the flameless catalytic oxidation of a hydrocarbon fuel.

Catalytic Combustion Corporation is a leading supplier of catalysts in the consumer products market. We have designed catalysts for the purpose of generating heat from various liquid fuels. One such line of products uses a small amount of catalyst to burn butane in a cordless soldering iron. Another employs the catalyst in a cordless hair curling iron.  We have also expanded our support of the appliance industry by specializing in the design, testing and manufacturing of custom catalysts, vent assemblies and other metal components for large and small appliances for major appliance manufacturers.

Because of the various types of catalytic products that we manufacture, we have received calls from a number of companies that are designing or are already producing products for home and work use that require a catalyst to function properly.

Unique Catalyst Substrates

Catalysts made out of our unique substrates offer many performance advantages.

The size and number of openings can be tailored to meet your needs, and our metal mesh catalyst substrates can be produced in an almost endless number of shapes and sizes. Our expanded metal substrates can be used in a number of products where space is a premium. Furthermore, the fact that both of these substrates are metallic means that they have a low thermal mass, and are able to heat up quickly, providing accelerated performance.

We also have an excellent relationship with a world-class manufacturer of ceramic substrates if ceramics offer advantages that your product requires. Custom formed pieces can be tooled in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.

Consumer Products and Appliances

Metal Foil Substrate

Metal foil, as a catalyst substrate, has some of the properties of both wire and ceramic materials. It can be formed into an endless variety of shapes, sizes and cell densities, enabling it to make larger volume pieces. It has low thermal mass, relative to a comparable ceramic, so that it heats up quickly. Metal foil can also be expanded to form a wire mesh-like material where the openings can be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Consumer Products and Appliances

Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate

Ceramic honeycomb catalysts have been widely used since the 1980s. They can be extruded in a variety of shapes and cell densities. Ceramics are often used where the required catalyst volume is more than is practical for wire mesh catalysts.  Ceramics make for very dimensionally stable catalyst supports over the range of operating temperatures. Ceramic substrates can carry a heavier amount of coating than metallic supports, which gives ceramics the advantage in applications where catalyst deactivators are present or where very high levels of precious metals are needed to reach the desired performance.

Consumer Products and Appliances

Wire Mesh Substrate

Catalysts made with a wire mesh substrate offer many performance advantages. The size and number of openings can be tailored to meet the appliance's airflow conditions. Wire mesh catalysts can be produced in an almost endless number of shapes and sizes, again specifically tailored to meet your needs. In addition, the fact that the substrate is metallic means that it has a low thermal mass so it heats up quickly, providing accelerated performance.

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