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Custom Catalyst Development and Toll Coating

Custom Development and Toll Coating

We offer our customers the ability to custom develop catalyst or use our catalyst coating services for their own substrates.

Custom Catalyst Development

Because of the role that Catalytic Combustion plays in the field of emission control, we are able to offer our customers the ability to work with us to custom develop catalysts which meet their unique applications.  Our engineering and design staff is waiting to help you with your specific application.

Toll Coating

Catalytic Combustion understands that there may be times when a company has a suitable substrate to use for their application, but they lack the ability or expertise to apply the catalyst coating.

Through our various proprietary catalyst coating techniques, we can offer toll coating as an option to you. We provide various washcoat and precious metal catalyst formulations and will consider other types of coatings including base metal catalysts.

You can ask Catalytic Combustion to recommend a coating formulation for a particular application or you can specify your own proprietary formulation.

We can coat:

  • metal foil
  • mesh
  • metal screen
  • ceramic honeycomb
  • various other types of substrates

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