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Food Service

Food Service

Catalyst for controlling grease, smoke and odors from commercial cooking equipment.

It is general knowledge that the process of cooking various foods, especially meats, releases significant amounts of odor causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as fine Particulate Material (PM) in the form of smoke.

Regulatory agencies in many parts of this country and some countries overseas, have either passed rules or are contemplating rules to limit the emissions caused by the operation of various cooking devices such as charbroilers (both chain-driven and under-fired), grills, griddles, deep-fat fryers, bakery ovens for bread and pizza, as well as other lesser known cooking equipment.  For chain-driven charbroilers the use of a catalyst on the broiler has achieved high levels of smoke and VOC reduction as mandated by various air pollution control agencies.

Not all of these applications lend themselves to catalytic control of the noxious emissions. However, Catalytic Combustion has developed various foil and ceramic substrate catalytic converters that have been tested and approved for use on a number of these devices.

Oven Catalyst

Catalytic Combustion Corp. is one of the largest suppliers of catalyst for the residential self-clean oven market. Catalysts are used to eliminate the smoke and odor that would definitely exist during the self-clean cycle of the oven.

Furthermore, by building off of this technology, Catalytic Combustion has developed, tested and presently markets several catalytic converters for use on commercial rapid cook ovens that are used in various fast food restaurants.

Coffee Roasters

Catalytic Combustion Corp. has also developed catalysts that are successfully used in catalytic afterburners attached to retail and wholesale coffee roasters, to eliminate the strong odor and smoke produced by the coffee roasting process.

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