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Wire Enameling

Wire Enameling

VOC Control and energy recovery in wire enameling ovens.

The catalyst used in enameling ovens around the world was developed and patented by Catalytic Combustion Corporation in 1950.  Metal ribbon catalysts from Catalytic Combustion provide a long-term solution for destroying VOCs. Coated with a special combination of platinum and palladium and other rare earths, on a nickel-chromium substrate, these catalysts are perfect candidates for individual cleaning and reactivation for years of active service.

The platinum/palladium combination yields the most effective catalyst available, resulting in extended production “uptime” and added value to your process.

Nickel-chromium ribbons are individually crafted to create a true, fixed-bed catalytic surface that eliminates “nesting” of the catalyst components such as that found in packed bed media catalysts.

The noble metal alloy coating is applied and bonded to the metal ribbon substrate by our patented electrochemical process and activated by oxidation of hydrocarbon vapors to yield 100% quality control for catalytic activity and capacity.

Technical Specifications

CESR™ Database

The integrity of the cleaning and reactivation process is preserved from the catalyst’s initial manufacture through its lifetime by testing a representative sampling of the catalyst material. This data is then recorded in our CESR™ database.

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