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Activity Value Test System (AVTS)

Activity Value Test System (AVTS)

How good is my washed catalyst?

Finally, there is a way to know. Catalytic Combustion Corp. (CCC) has developed the Activity Value Test System (AVTSTM) that provides the ability to:

  • Determine if a washed catalyst has any catalytic activity remaining
  • Know how much improvement was gained by the washing process
  • Decide if a washed catalyst is worth the time to re-install in your engine.
  • Save time and money before re-installation instead of scrambling to replace a washed element that does not perform as needed

Chemical washing of catalysts is a proven method of extending the lifespan of a catalyst. However, there are circumstances where washing cannot restore sufficient activity to bring an engine into compliance. Up until now, the only way to know if a washed catalyst would work was to put it back into the housing and run a test. The risky trial-and-error process was costly in time, labor and lost production.

The AVTS is a non-destructive test that isolates a portion of the catalyst and creates stable, repeatable conditions where the coating should respond to a standardized reference compound being passed through the cells. Several sections of a catalyst element are evaluated to determine a picture of the overall condition of the catalyst. The data gathered during the process is used to calculate the Activity Value Index (AVITM) which is a simple, numerical score of the catalyst element’s health.

For more information download our brochure on the AVTS.

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