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Catalyst Cleaning - Recycling

Catalyst Cleaning - Recycling

Catalytic Combustion can evaluate the condition of your catalyst and select one of our chemical cleaning procedures to perform on the catalyst. 

Even under optimal conditions, a catalyst’s performance may decline for reasons not readily apparent. This requires that the catalyst be first tested to determine whether or not it has been exposed to masking agents, catalyst poisons, or excessive temperatures.

Available analytic techniques include:

  • Determination of catalyst activity level as received compared to fresh
  • ICP/MS Elemental Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • X-Ray Diffraction
  • BET Surface Area

The specific analysis to be used varies for each catalyst, depending on the observed performance issues. When the independent lab results are received, Catalytic Combustion reviews the data, offers conclusions as to the cause, and recommends a course of action to correct the problem. Whether your catalyst needs inspection, maintenance, or repair, Catalytic Combustion is there to help.

Should the results of either lab or field testing reveal that a catalyst is contaminated with dirt and or other masking agents, Catalytic Combustion will clean the catalyst, using a rigorous washing process to chemically remove the contamination. This is a 5-step technique that removes both organic and inorganic contaminants. Other catalyst maintenance services include repacking catalysts into their existing housings, fabricating new housings when needed; or providing new gaskets for reinstalling a catalyst into your equipment.

Washing the catalyst is a cost-effective way of extending its life when it has been contaminated with removable dirt or other masking agents, rather than incurring the expense of replacement with a new catalyst.

Technical Specifications

Catalyst Analysis

Catalytic Combustion Corporation has developed a network of independent laboratories for analytic services. These labs maintain the highest performance standards and stay on top of the latest technologies in material science.

By using an outside network of qualified labs, Catalytic Combustion ensures that you get an unbiased analysis of your catalyst at a very reasonable cost.

Catalyst Recycling

We routinely recycle and reclaim used catalysts. Use our services to dispose of used or spent catalyst. We work with you to make it easy for you to be environmentally friendly.

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