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Catalyst Housing

Catalyst Housings

Advanced designs to keep you in compliance.

With ever tightening regulations limiting the amount of NOx, CO and VOCs that can be emitted, you can’t afford to have any bypass leakage threaten your operation. The best catalyst in the world is ineffective if pollutants do not come in contact with the coating. But the housing that holds the catalyst has to be user friendly and yet capable of giving years of service in some of the most demanding installations in the world.

With this in mind, Catalytic Combustion took the time to ask questions and listen to users and operators like yourself to understand what you wanted in a catalyst housing.

Our unique Face Seal design provides a positive sealing concept and catalyst retention system. It utilizes a double face, metal core gasket to fill any surface irregularities and stop leakage from occurring. The catalyst elements are retained with double locking arms that provide six points of pressure around the circumference to securely hold the catalyst in place.

The catalyst’s retention system is completely internal to the housing so there are no places for air to bleed into the housing to affect the performance of the catalyst. The system is designed to easily remove when it is time to replace the catalyst to get you back into operation quickly.

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