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Catalyst Washing

Catalyst Washing

Industry leading nine step process

Catalytic Combustion's advanced catalyst washing service includes a thorough physical exam of the element and a rigorous nine-step cleaning process that is highly effective in removing lubricating oil ash, dirt, rust and carbon char.

Catalysts that pass inspection and/or testing, advance through our advanced chemical washing process:

  • Step 1: Record catalyst initial weight
  • Step 2: Pre-rinse to remove loose materials
  • Step 3: Bathe in a constantly agitated caustic solution
  • Step 4: Rinse in distilled water bath
  • Step 5: Bathe in a constantly agitated acidic solution
  • Step 6: Rinse in a distilled water bath
  • Step 7: Bathe in a distilled water final bath to remove final trace elements of cleaning solutions
  • Step 8: Dry in a high-temperature convection oven
  • Step 9: Record post weight. If B weight is greater than A weight, return to oven

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