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Catalytic Combustion Corporation engineers, designs, and manufactures emission control systems for power generating engines in commercial and industrial applications in new and retrofit situations.


Quick Facts

  • CCC manufactures the catalyst—the heart of an effective emission system
  • CCC products are designed to work with diesel engines; rich and lean burn natural gas engines from 50 hp to 10 MW and larger
  • CCC serves clients throughout the United States and Canada
  • CCC provides performance guarantees, preventive maintenance plans, and service after the sale 


Catalytic Combustion Corporation designs, engineers, and manufactures the catalyst – the heart of an effective emissions system. CCC also manufactures the housing and all the critical components of your system at our Midwest headquarters and manufacturing facility. This provides customers with the best quality control and a direct connection to the most efficient problem solvers in the industry.


Emissions Regulations and EPA standards are complex and ever changing and a lack of compliance can result in significant fines, shutdown of operations, dangerous environment, or other negative consequences. CCC has experience and knowledge of regulations such as:

◊       California Air Resources Board (CARB)

◊        Canadian Province Standards

◊        EPA Quad J, Z and O Regulations

◊        MACT Standards

◊        Ozone Changes within National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)

◊        RICE NESHAP

◊        Tier 4 Interim and Final Compliant Solutions

◊        T. A. Luft Standards

◊        U.S. State Implementation Plans

◊        World Bank Standards


CCC Emissions Control Systems for the Power Generation Industry can reduce: 

◊        CO Carbon Monoxide

◊        HC Hydrocarbons

◊        VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds

◊        HAPs Hazardous Air Pollutants

◊        PM Particulate Matter

◊        NOx Nitrogen Oxides

◊        NH3 Ammonia slip

Contact one of our application engineers today at: Power-Gen@catalyticcombustion.com or call us toll free at (888) 285-5940

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