Commercial Kitchen / Cooking

CCC has experience and knowledge in controlling complex emissions from cooking, frying, or char broiling and the ever-changing regulations you need to meet.

Why CCC?

The trend today is to bring the cooking out of the commercial kitchen to an area where customers and diners can see the culinary magic taking place. Controlling the cooking emissions from grease and odors to other harmful substances is a real issue facing commercial cooking and commercial frying manufacturers today. The push to qualify your equipment to the UL KNLZ standard is on and where ventless is not the objective you still want to offer the cleanest, greenest, emissions possible.  We have many years of experience, working with commercial equipment manufacturers to outfit their products with catalyst. So whether your need is a re-thermalization oven or one cooking raw proteins, Catalytic Combustion is here to help.

We Serve

A wide range of Commercial Kitchen and Commercial Cooking operations such as:

  • Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens
  • Ventless Conveyor and Deck Pizza Ovens
  • Ventless Convection/Combi ovens
  • Chain-driven charbroilers
  • Bread ovens
  • Coffee Roasters
  • Odor control

Our Capabilities

  • New product development
  • Retrofit applications
  • Replacement emissions control systems
  • Rapid delivery
  • Catalyst for coffee roaster afterburners
  • Quantities from large to small
Iso 9001 Certified

Quality Assurance

Catalytic Combustion Corporation is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Manufacturer. In order to earn this status, we have strict inspection practices, customer feedback, and continual process improvement procedures in place.
Custom Catalyst Solutions

Custom Catalysts

Custom Catalysts are developed routinely at Catalytic Combustion Corporation to meet the size, shape, substrate, and coating combination to control the compounds and odors emitted from your commercial cooking or roasting process.

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