Consumer Appliances

Catalytic Combustion Corporation develops emission control components for a wide range of consumer products.

Why CCC?

Products used in consumer homes provide special challenges for manufacturers. Air quality and safety is a concern as is reducing or eliminating odors. Reducing or eliminating complex cooking odors, catalytically combusting butane to make flameless heat for soldering and heat shrinking tools, and more are issues we have solved with our products.

Because of the various types of catalytic products that we manufacture, we often develop new emission control components for companies designing or producing new products for the home in need of an emission control solution.

We Serve

Manufacturers of:

  • Household ovens and appliances
  • Self-Cleaning Ovens
  • Butane Fueled Heat Tools (Such as soldering irons)
  • Health and beauty
  • Outdoor hydronic wood boilers
  • New products

Our Capabilities

  • New product development
  • Rapid delivery
  • Quantities from large to small
ISO 9001 Certified

Quality Assurance

Catalytic Combustion Corporation is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Manufacturer. In order to earn this status, we have strict inspection practices, customer feedback, and continual process improvement procedures in place.
Catalytic Combustion Vent Assemblies

Vent Assemblies & Metal Components

Vent assemblies & metal components are designed and manufactured at Catalytic Combustion Corporation to work with the catalytic element and with your commercial cooking equipment. CCC provides one-stop solutions. Metal components are often needed to provide a complete emission control solution in addition to a vent assembly and catalytic element. Our custom manufacturing operations ensure your components are provided from a single source.

Custom Catalyst Solutions

Custom Catalysts

Custom Catalysts are developed routinely at Catalytic Combustion Corporation to meet the size, shape, substrate, and coating combination to control the compounds and odors emitted from your commercial cooking or roasting process.

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