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Why CCC?

This category of air emission control products is very large and nearly limitless. Catalytic Combustion Corporation has worked with countless industries to develop emission control technologies for nearly any kind of process to meet regulations such as those promulgated by the Clean Air Act Amendments administered by the EPA, individual state and local requirements, and more. This category of clients includes large manufacturers and small production operations such as research laboratories.

Catalytic Combustion has experience in industrial emissions control since 1950. Our firm’s strengths include providing reliable, compliant turnkey solutions and service and support after the sale.

Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) engineers, designs, and manufactures emission control systems for industrial applications in new and retrofit situations.

We Serve

Emissions Control from Industrial Sources

  • Commercial Bakeries
  • Commercial coffee roasters
  • Industrial Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Chemical Processing Plant
  • Formaldehyde tailgas
  • Painting & Finishing operations
  • Automotive Body Painting
  • Wood products manufacturing
  • Any manufacturer with air emissions from a process
  • Tank farms – tank venting
  • Landfills
  • Site remediation, environmental
  • Pyrolysis process tailgas
  • Process NOx generation control
  • Grain processors

Our Capabilities

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Retrofit

Service & Support

Catalytic Combustion Corporation is well-known for service, maintenance, and parts performance to keep customer systems functioning and in compliance with emissions regulations. Service is available throughout the United States and Canada on any catalyst or emission system. We provide catalyst assessment; ladders, platforms, and skid-mounted assemblies; replacement catalyst elements for SCR, CO, and DPF; SCR System maintenance and troubleshooting, and more.

24/7 Service

CCC clients have access to 24/7/365 live service assistance and field service technicians.

Catalyst Washing

Catalytic Combustion has an industry-leading 9-step catalyst washing service that is highly effective in removing lubricating oil ash, dirt, rust, and carbon char.


Catalytic Combustion’s Activity Value Test Systems (AVTS ™) provide the ability to determine the activity value of any washed catalyst.

catalyst substrate


Learn more about the wide range of Catalyst products for Emission Control developed and manufactured by Catalytic Combustion Corporation.

Enclosed Flare System

Enclosed Flare/Combustor

Catalytic Combustion’s Enclosed Combustor System is designed to safely burn combustible process vapors that have varying energy content.

catalytic oxidizer

Self Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizers

The Self Rucuperative Catalytic Oxidizer is available in Electric powered or Gas fired. The high efficiency heat exchanger provides low operating costs. The system features stainless steel construction, state of the art temperature control and either relay-based or PLC operation.

Catalytic Combustion Flame Combustion Systems

Thermal Oxidizer

Learn about the Flame-Ox, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer, Horizontal Gas Thermal Oxidizer (HGTO), and Vertical Gas Thermal Oxidizer (VGTO).

catalytic oxidizer manufacturers

SILENT NOx ™ Selective Catalytic Reduction System

SILENT NOx ™ Selective Catalytic Reduction System is a compact solution to control NOx, CO, VOCs, HCs, PMM and NH3 slip in one engineered system which can also have integrated sound attenuation.

Catalyst wall

Custom Products

Catalytic Combustion Corporation can help you with any custom emission control need from catalyst wall to any other application.

Rental Units

Catalytic Combustion Corporation has rental units available for remediation clean up, industrial needs, and other emissions control applications. Contact our team to learn about our equipment options.

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