Product Literature

Emission Control Products – Brochure
Emissions Control for Power Generation – Brochure
Emissions Control Products for Gas Compression – Line Card
Sulfur Resistant SRCO – Brochure
Three Way Catalyst – Brochure
Silent NOx® Selective Catalytic Reduction – Brochure
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer – Brochure
Thermal Oxidizer – Brochure
Enclosed Flare Systems – Brochure
Flame-Ox 3-n-1 – Brochure
Rotary Concentrator – Brochure
SRCO Self-Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer – Brochure
Platforms, Ladders, Stairs, Rails – Brochure
CPMS Catalyst Minder – Brochure
Exhaust and Metal Products – Brochure

Service Literature

Parts & Service – Brochure
SCR Systems Service – Brochure
Activity Value Test Service  AVTSTM
Emission Control Equipment Rentals – Brochure
Catalyst Washing & Cleaning – Brochure
Precision Metal Manufacturing and Fabrication – Brochure
Natural Gas Power Plant Catalyst Maintenance – Brochure

Project Profiles

Sulfur Resistant CO Catalyst for California Cogeneration Plant – Project Profile
Sulfur Resistant CO Catalyst for New York Gas Turbine Power Plant – Project Profile
Catalytic Muffler and Exhaust System Development for Propane-Fueled Engine – Project Profile
An Integral Partner in New Technology Development – Project Profile

Other Documents

Terms & Conditions of Sale – Document
Purchase Order Terms & Conditions – Document
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement – Document