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Niobrara REPORT June / July 2013 - AVTS Expands to Gillette WY

Inserito luglio 1, 2013

  • AVTS

"Not knowing if the washing process has improved a catalyst often puts catalyst users in a 'roll the dice' position when it comes to having to decide whether or not to reinstall it.”

Catalytic Combustion Corp. (CCC) based in Bloomer, Wisconsin, has introduced a proprietary non-destructive catalytic activity tester for used catalysts - an industry first - called the Activity Value Test System (AVTS™).

The company is manufacturing AVTS units now, and in service at CCC's facility in Gillette, Wyoming.

Why is this breakthrough? Because the loss of catalytic activity hampers an element's ability to control emissions from stationary industrial engines and has previously been difficult to assess.

CCC developed the innovative and patent-pending test process in response to catalyst users in the energy industry wanting to know whether washed catalysts were worth reinstalling or needed to be replaced. The AVTS technology delivers the necessary data for catalyst users to make informed decisions.

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