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Catalytic Combustion AVTS featured in GPA Show daily

Inserito aprile 15, 2014

GPSA Companies Make Good Partners

By Dan R. Goddard

Listening to customers and developing products and services to solve their problems is perhaps the best way Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA) companies can grow their businesses along with the rapidly expanding midstream industry.

Catalytic Combustion Corp. (CCC) listened when Gas Processors Association (GPA) customers said they wanted an easier way to test a washed catalyst, rather than having to put it back into the housing and running a test.

“People told us it wasn’t possible, so we made it possible by developing the Activity Value Test System (AVTS),” says John Robinson, vice president of CCC’s Catalyst Division and the engineer who led the development of the AVTS. “Our customers needed to know if washed catalysts were worth reinstalling or needed to be replaced. Not knowing whether the washing process improved a catalyst put them in a ‘roll the dice’ position.” The AVTS technology delivers the necessary data for catalyst users to make informed decisions. Engineered to provide a repeatable set of temperature and flow conditions similar to those a catalyst sees in the field, it gauges the activity level by introducing to the catalyst a standard reference compound found in a gas engine’s exhaust. A properly functioning catalyst is needed to comply with emission standards, but catalytic activity is difficult to assess.

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