Urea Storage Tanks

Urea or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) storage tanks, both day tanks and main storage tanks. Single wall, double wall tanks, plastic/polyethylene/high density polyethylene (HDPE) including stainless steel urea storage tanks are available. Standard sizes from 15 to 10,000 gallon storage tanks are available. Including custom stainless steel tanks sizes and shapes. All urea tanks can be custom fitted with heat-tracing to prevent freezing, leak detection system, ultrasonic level indicator, high and low level alarms, seismic zone 4 restraint system, wind load restraint, ladders, and all the required fittings.

Urea Filling Station

Large indoor or outdoor tank installation generally require a urea fill station for easy bulk supply. The urea fill station in housed on a stainless steel enclosure and comes with high level alarm indicator. The standard camlock fitting is used by the commercial bulk suppliers of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or urea.

Urea Transfer System

Urea transfer system or urea pumping skids are generally required for multi-engines projects when the main urea storage tank is located away from the SCR systems or day tanks. Catalytic Combustion Corporation provides both simplex and duplex (redundant) pumping skids along with the pumping control panel for integration into the control system.

Air Compressor

SCR system(s) require clean, dry compressed air for urea injection into the flue gas mixing area. Catalytic Combustion Corporation supplies, specifies the complete range of air compressors based on the application (run hours, location, environment, number of SCR systems, etc.).

Typical applications:

  1. Stand By – tankless, oil-less air compressor
  2. Prime Power – scroll or simplex air compressors with receiver tanks for multi-engines or prime power
  3. Prime Power – redundant duplex air compressors with receivers used when compressed air reliability is required

Insulation Blankets

Removable insulation blankets are used to insulate the SCR reactor housing, exhaust piping and components for personnel safety and performance.

Ladders, Platforms and Free Standing Supports

Catalytic Combustion Corporation provides platforms, ladders, and supports for your equipment.

Expansion Joints, Nuts-Bolts-Gaskets, Raincaps, and more

Catalytic Combustion Corporation is your exhaust system components solution supplier. From explosion relief valves to flange gaskets, we offer all exhaust accessories from the engine turbo to the exhaust stack including raincap.

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