CCC has a staff of application engineers with knowledge of the complex emissions regulations for gas compression and RICE NESHAP applications. Their knowledge of the regulations includes:

  • EPA Quad J, Z and O Regulations
  • Tier IV Interim and Final Regulations
  • MACT Standards
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Ozone Changes within National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
  • Canadian Province Standards
  • T.A. Luft Standards
  • U.S. State Implementation Plans
  • World Bank Standards
  • International Maritime Organization

Housings, Catalyst & Silencing

Advanced designs to keep you in compliance.

With ever tightening regulations limiting the amount of NOx, CO and VOCs that can be emitted, you can’t afford to have any bypass leakage threaten your operation. The best catalyst in the world is ineffective if pollutants do not come in contact with the coating. But the housing that holds the catalyst has to be user friendly and yet capable of giving years of service in some of the most demanding installations in the world.

With this in mind, Catalytic Combustion took the time to ask questions and listen to users and operators like yourself to understand what you wanted in a catalyst housing.

Sound Attenuation

Our products have been engineered to achieve the following levels of sound attenuation:

  • Industrial grade silencers reduce exhaust noise by 12-20 dBA.
  • Residential grade silencers reduce exhaust noise by 18-25 dBA.
  • Critical grade silencers reduce exhaust noise by 24-34 dBA.
  • Hospital grade silencers reduce exhaust noise by 33-40 dBA.

Catalytic Combustion Corporation integrated silencing will help your engine run quieter and reduce harmful pollutants and the same time.

FSC Series

Face Seal Catalyst

Large horsepower engines (17.5 inch to 35.5 inch diameter elements)

Our unique Face Seal design provides a positive sealing concept and catalyst retention system. It utilizes a double face, metal core gasket to fill any surface irregularities and stop leakage from occurring. The catalyst elements are retained with double locking arms that provide six points of pressure around the circumference to securely hold the catalyst in place.

The catalyst’s retention system is completely internal to the housing so there are no places for air to bleed into the housing to affect the performance of the catalyst. The system is designed to easily remove when it is time to replace the catalyst to get you back into operation quickly.


Ground Access Catalyst

Designed for high flow rate engines and high destruction efficiencies. Large horsepower (2000+ hp)


Parallel Flow Catalyst

Designed for high flow rate engines and high destruction efficiencies. Mid-range horsepower (500-2000 hp), this unit utilizes rectangular elements and double bulb perimeter seal gasket. Modular element configuration in parallel flow arrangement allows for low pressure designs. 


Perimeter Seal Catalyst

Medium Horsepower Engines (10 inch to 14.5 inch diameter elements)


Integrated Catalytic Converter

Designed for small horsepower engines (6 inch to 14.5 inch diameter elements), cost effective, low maintenance, unit. Available in multiple formulations, including diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and three way catalyst (TWC).


Integrated Perimeter Seal Catalyst

Simplified construction for smaller footprint. Small horsepower engines.

A high-performance oxidation catalyst system and carbon steel or stainless-steel housing with silencer can be designed and manufactured for a wide range of applications.


Band Clamp Catalyst

Smaller Horsepower Engines (8 inch to 14.5 inch diameter elements)

CCC manufactures replacement catalyst elements for all OEM sizes and shapes including round, rectangular, octagonal, and custom.