Stay compliant and extend the lifetime of your assets. Catalytic Combustion Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures emission control projects. We understand the technology and we understand the regulations you need to meet.

Scheduled Inspections / Preventive Maintenance

  • Safety
  • Function
  • Performance
  • Operational cost
  • VOC destruction efficiency test
  • Customized multiple check point list
  • Wear and tear parts replacement
  • Lubrication
  • Adjustments and airflow verification
  • Remote monitoring packages
  • Catalyst life management plan
  • Catalyst and system cleaning
  • Advanced parts procurement
  • Service planning

General Services

  • Installation (turnkey installation available)
  • Technical phone support
  • Site troubleshooting and repairs
  • Remote system data acquisition and evaluation
  • Operator & maintenance personnel training
  • Custom control modifications
  • Industrial control packages
  • Custom HMI packages
  • UL listed electrical panel shop
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) modem assistance
  • Permit compliance pre-testing
  • Air fuel ratio tuning
  • UL 508 Listed electrical panel shop

Services for SCR Systems

  • Monitoring & Testing
  • Continuous Parametric Monitoring System (CPMS) for RICE NESHAP compliance
  • Annual stack output testing
  • Planned preventive maintenance
  • Remote access with ethernet connection & data logging capabilities with optional monthly report

Parts & Accessories for SCR Systems

  • Wear parts
  • Urea injection
  • Urea storage tanks
  • Urea transfer systems
  • Urea filling station
  • Filters
  • Catalyst replacements
  • Sensors
  • Installation hardware
  • Air compressors
  • Housings & Silencers
  • System retro-fit and upgrade services

System Retrofit and Upgrade Services

  • Retrofits and equipment re-builds
  • Equipment relocation
  • Ductwork installation
  • Modifications to increase VOC capture and destruction efficiency to meet permit compliance
  • Modifications to increase total airflow capacity
  • RTO ceramic media replacement and upgrades to improve heat efficiency, lower pressure, and reduce operating cost
  • RCO Catalyst replacements
  • RTO/RCO diverting valve rebuilds or replacement to reduce leakage and improve reliability
  • RTO/RCU insulation repairs to eliminate hot spots
  • RTO/RCO ceramic media support structures repair or upgrades
  • RTO bake out function modification
  • RTO natural gas injection to minimize NOx production and maximize fuel efficiency
  • Burner and burner controls upgrade to improve performance and reliability
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and operator interface upgrades

SCR & CO Catalyst Management

In addition to manufacturing, Catalytic Combustion Corporation provides service and management plans to help our clients get the maximum value out of their capital equipment purchases. Save money with pre-planned, negotiated, and non-emergency service, plan for outages, and predict when catalysts need replacements of additions. Customize services to optimize emissions performance and minimize plant emissions control costs.

Natural Gas Maintenance brochure

Catalyst Activity Value Testing Service (AVTS™)

Chemical washing of catalysts (sometimes known as catalyst washing) is a proven method of extending the lifespan of a catalyst. However, there are circumstances where washing cannot restore sufficient activity to bring an engine into compliance. The AVTS™ is a non-destructive test that isolates a portion of the catalyst and creates stable, repeatable conditions where the coating should respond to a standardized reference compound being passed through the cells. Several sections of a catalyst element are evaluated to determine a picture of the overall condition of the catalyst. The data gathered during the process is used to calculate the Activity Value Index (AVI ™) which is a simple, numerical score of the catalyst element’s health.

Catalyst Cleaning, Recycling, & Reclaim

Even under optimal conditions, a catalyst’s performance may decline for reasons not readily apparent. This requires that the catalyst be first tested to determine whether or not it has been exposed to masking agents, catalyst poisons, or excessive temperatures.

We routinely recycle and reclaim used catalysts. Use our services to dispose of used or spent catalyst and reclaim precious metals from your spent catalyst. We are independent and work with you to get the best price for your assets. Receive payment or a credit toward your new catalyst promptly from Catalytic Combustion Corporation. Get a prompt quote when you contact us.

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