Catalytic Combustion Corporation Donates to Area Technical Education Program

When the team at Catalytic Combustion Corporation of Bloomer learned that the New Auburn School District Technical Education Department was looking to add welding but needed the equipment and materials, it was the perfect opportunity to donate supplies to the department.

Austin Rayburn is the Technical Education Teacher in New Auburn. He met with a team from Catalytic Combustion about what he needed and what he was looking for to add welding as a learning opportunity for the district. Jordan Back, Don Verdegan, and Vanessa LaMeer worked on coordinating the donated equipment and materials, and Jordan delivered them, and helped with setup at the school.

Welding is an in-demand skill in many local manufacturing companies. Providing the opportunity to learn about welding and to give students an opportunity to try it out as part of a high school class is a good investment. “Our goal is to develop an up-to-date facility and create a program that equips students with opportunities to set them up for success after graduation.  Welding is one of those opportunities. The work is interesting, the skill is something a person can continually build on, and there are many good-paying jobs available for welders,” says Mr. Rayburn.

Catalytic Combustion Corporation of Bloomer is interested in partnering with area schools to provide insights into local skilled career opportunities, manufacturing, and local businesses. The team is available to participate in career fairs, mock interviews, classroom speakers, factory tours, and Youth Apprenticeship Program jobs. In addition, Catalytic will donate steel to existing welding programs. To arrange an event please email or call 715-568-2882.

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Jordan Back of Catalytic Combustion (left), is shown here with Mr. Rayburn and students in the current technical education program at New Auburn High School with the equipment and supplies donated by Catalytic Combustion.

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Jordan Back of Catalytic Combustion providing instruction on the Hobart welder to Mr. Rayburn and students during the delivery of the donation.